keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2011

Jennifer Lopez - Papi (Musiikkivideo)

Jennifer Lopez julkaisee Love? albuminsa kolmantena virallisena singlenä Papi kappaleen, joka ilmestyi jo huhtikuussa promojulkaisuna.

Paul Hunterin kappaleeseen ohjaama musiikkivideo sai ensiesityksensä toissapäivänä. Hunter on aiemmin ohjannut Jenniferille If You Had My Love ja Love Don't Cost A Thing videot.

Hunter on jälleen onnistunut ohjauksessaan ja Papi onkin yksi Lopezin parhaista videoista. Fiatin automainoksenakin toimivaan videoon olisin kuitenkin toivonut enemmän tanssikohtauksia, sillä kappale olisi antanut niihin loistavan mahdollisuuden.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Wow, sharing to my blog turns out to be a complicated affair, heh.

I can't seem to make it work. Is this your own setting choices, or is it a default thing of this website provider - which otherwise is quite a fine and stylish experience (oh, that could be your script making it all happen....If so, cadous for having good computer knowledge and a knack for great taste!) If it is your choice to have you settings in this mode, why did you chose that? I mean, having your guests wanting to share your video material with others can't be a bad thing when they've subscribed to you/your website, can it?

If you think or know sharing from your website cab be bad or potentially harmful to your or your visitors' websites, will you tell me about it (I've had my websites and even my computer close to ruined recently by someone who managed to hack past my attempts to keep everything safe, so this is something of a personal subject of interest(?

Alright, I'll end the comment now. I didn't mean to be an annoyance, though I can see why it might seem that way. It's just that I don't understand the reasons for making a simple sharing so complicated (and I know it isn't about subscribers, because you know they can and will just as easily unsubscribe for any reason.

Whether or not you'll be responding to this comment is not the main thing. I'd like you to, but I'll live and just wanted to take the opportunity to get my unanswered question explained.

Good wind ahead, and keep up the good work, your knack and knowledge about how to make a website interesting and pleasant is appreciated.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Oh, I ask to reply and leave no email data. My account is inaccessible at this this time, so IF you'll tell me about the things I asked you, either reply here at your own comment board, or wait until I have dealt with all the damage and confusion I have going right now. (I'll still be confused about the reasons for making features complicated for one's visitors - in case this IS the reason. Anyyway, you just might know why people do it (Yadda ref. comment above),

Once more, good wing ahead!


Ps. Jeez, I'm more affected than I thought. I'm go to bed - finally.